Session and Deacons

Concord Liberty Presbyterian Church is blessed to be served by a devoted corps of members who give of themselves to the Church as Elders and Deacons.  


Marcia Bickley, Clerk of Session

Jim Bradenburg, Elder for Property

Laurie Cannon, Elder for Mission

Tom Long, Elder for Worship

Judy McCleary, Elder for the Children's Ministry

Tom McGrail, Elder for Finance

Carol Nickey, Elder for Communications

Sandy Mueller, Elder for Men's/Women's/Adult Ministry/Small Groups/ARK

Marian Spor, Elder for Congregational Care and Stephen Ministry

Brenda Wilson, Elder for the Youth Ministry

Session Photos for Website Smaller Head Corrected



Beth Berstecher

Gary Cannon

Betty Culver

Denise Jingozian

Janet John

Dave Lengel

Kim Lengel

Suzanne McIntyre

Connie O'Donnell