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We seek to become the kind of church family who walks with Jesus Christ, lives according to the Bible, relying upon God’s Spirit to lead us and expecting our life together to be marked by more than lip-service to the words of faith. Concord Liberty is centered on sharing the message of new life found in Jesus Christ and following in his footsteps by reaching out to our community in love and service. All newcomers are welcome with open arms in worship and in any of the other groups and ministries of the Church. We hope you will join us.


We exist to actively seek out and lead people to a life centered in Christ and membership in His Spirit filled family; to equip them to be mature disciples, ministers in the church and missionaries for Him in their homes, communities, and the world so that God is magnified in all we do.


Our vision is for a disciple-making church for all ages that is actively involved in evangelism, uses its land and resources wisely, rises up and mentors leaders for God’s kingdom, nurtures its youth, supports mission work with enthusiasm and involvement, and worships in the power of the Spirit to the glory of God.

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